Day 5 – Barcelona

An early and smooth arrival in to Barcelona and it looked as if the weather might improve during the day. Alas it was somewhat chilly and rainy!

As we have two days pre-cruise stay in Barcelona we decided once again to stay onboard. Breakfast was enjoyed on the pool deck with the shelter of a gazebo providing cover. Pancakes for me and an omelette for Andy. I’d ordered poached eggs but the chef misheard me – not to worry and the pancakes were a real treat!

We spent the morning catching up with the news and reading the paper – Yacht Club guests can have a newspaper of their choice (one per cabin) delivered each morning.

Our travel mascots, two teddy bears (Ted and Fred) insisted we take them out and about round the ship for some photographs whilst the ship was quiet.

We had lunch in the Yacht Club restaurant – both having salmon tartare followed by seabass. It seems as if we are always eating on this cruise, however the food is just so good it feels impossible to say no! I’m sure the photographs will really help when I can post them but the portions are a nice delicate size rather than plates being laden with potatoes and vegetables as might be the British style.

We met with Mary later in the afternoon and had Venchi gelato as another treat.

Passengers embarking at Barcelona started boarding at about 12, and we noticed the ship become quite a lot busier. Somehow we managed to crash a presentation being given to some Spanish travel agents!

We headed for a snooze before then enjoying a few glasses of champagne in one of the hot tubs over looking the bow of the ship on deck 19 prior to our departure from Barcelona.

Quelle surprise it was then time for more food as we headed for dinner. We both had a parma ham starter, I had a swordfish fillet and Andy rack of lamb before both savouring the delights of tarte-tatin.

After dinner we met up with a friend from MSC and some UK travel agents who are onboard for a mini cruise.

We also made it to the show last night – a Tina Turner extravaganza. The theatre was absolutely packed and the show excellent with the singers having excellent voices and a wonderful troupe of dancers.

There was a real party atmosphere in the main ship last night, it was really wonderful to see hundreds of happy people having a great time, aided by the all inclusive drinks package!

We had a somewhat late night but feel bright and breezy this morning! Unfortunately there are talks of strikes and riots all over France today, so it’s a fake sea day for us. The weather here in Marseille isn’t too great, but at least that will ensure we pack.

I’ll upload a few picture albums when home, but in the meantime you can join our Facebook group MSC Cruises UK Passenger Forum where I’m posting some pictures as we go along.

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