MDR Food – MSC Sinfonia

Food is such an important part of the cruise holiday – it’s something that we as passengers look forward to, no doubt after dieting prior to the cruise to ensure  favourite clothes fit and we look our best in those holiday snaps! So it’s no wonder we love being spoilt with good food, a couple of times a day and usually three or four courses.

I’ve previously written about the delicious food we have enjoyed in the MSC Yacht Club, which you can read about here. The Yacht Club and the ‘main ship’ are two different products, and of course there is an element of if you pay more you expect more, however we have always been equally happy with the food in the Main Dining Room (MDR) on our cruises. Incidentally, we have only cruised Yacht Club twice in our twenty cruises, which must say something about the MDR food!

This blog will focus wholly on the food experienced in the MDR on the MSC Sinfonia during our cruise in December 2018. With the exception of the Christmas Eve gala and the Christmas Day lunch which were specially curated menus for the occasion we have seen all of the dishes on previous MSC cruises.

As food is subjective, I’ll just say: we really enjoyed pretty much everything! On the Elegant nights there was so much choice we were really hard pushed with what to have! Probably our least favourite menu was the one where I chose Schnitzel for my main course – there was nothing wrong with it, I just really didn’t enjoy it and found the menu uninspiring. As a rule we don’t eat our main meals in the buffet and Sinfonia doesn’t have specialty restaurants. That being said, I didn’t leave hungry.

Favourite dish? Too many to choose from, but amongst the best were Ramon Freixa’s Duck Royale which we first discovered on our honeymoon, the pan-seared duck breast with currant and chilli sauce, the veal shank on Med night and the Indian butter chicken on Christmas night was the perfect antidote to all of the rich food!

For more general information about our cruise on MSC Sinfonia, click here.



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