Alicante, MSC Opera and Venice – March 2019

MSC Opera is the fourth in the Lirica class of cruise ships for us to sail on, therefore completing the ‘set’.

On this blog post I’ll add day by day accounts of what we got up to each day – I’ve started this post now on Tuesday 26th March and we board tomorrow.

The cruise will be 5 nights, and topped off with a night in Venice at the Carlton on the Grand Canal Hotel which I’m really looking forward to as we have not stayed in Venice since before our first cruise in 2015 when I was awe struck at the sight of MSC Fantasia.

We’re staying tonight in the Gran Sol Hotel in Alicante and have a room with impressive views over the harbour, particularly where we’ll see our cruise ship dock in the morning, and looking over the balcony I’m pretty sure the Solana Hotel, Benidorm can be seen.

Day 1 – 26th March – Alicante

Day 2 Day 2 – embarkation 27th March

Day 3 – Sea Day, 28th March

Day 4 – Valletta

Day 5 – at sea

Day 6 – Dubrovnik

Day 7 – Disembarkation and Venice

Photos from round the ship:  MSC Opera – the ship

MSC Opera – Menus and Food!


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