Day 6 – Dubrovnik

We arrived in Dubrovnik at around 7:30am and docked at the cruise terminal Luka. The scenery from the balcony was just absolutely stunning with picturesque houses and dramatic hills.

The last time we visited Dubrovnik on the MSC Fantasia we tendered in to the city so docking here was a new experience. The cruise terminal was a 20 minute or so journey in to the city, at a cost of €13.90 each return. Google showed the cost of a taxi at about €25  each way so the shuttle was a good option.

On our previous visit it was raining heavily and the city was heaving so we didn’t really get to experience the city. This time there was gorgeous sun shine and decent warm weather. As it was a Sunday and early we were able to take in the sights of a near empty historic town centre.

We’ve never seen Game of Thrones so the tours relating to the TV show didn’t appeal to us. After a couple of hours walking round we took the return shuttle to the ship and enjoyed a few cocktails in the sun.

Back at our cabin our disembarkation info had been delivered, we’re in the last group to leave the ship and can keep our cabin until 10am with a disembarkation time of 11am. It’s always the saddest part of a cruise as it signals it is nearly over, but nevertheless we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, with interspersing the packing with cocktails

The evening’s dinner menu offered a selection of starters such as sushi which I really enjoyed, chicken caesar salad and soup. The main courses on offer were shellfish linguine, spring vegetable risotto, tilapia fish, guinea fowl and stuffed red pepper. The veg risotto was as excellent as ever, although Andy found the guinea fowl very tough.

Our evening took the usual theme of visiting the various bars and Arty, Alistair’s son, found us and gave us copies of the photograph of the seven of us taken at the previous night’s dinner.

We also collected the photograph of ourselves with Stuart and Trevor taken at the Voyagers Club party. When you reach ‘Gold’ in the loyalty scheme you’re entitled to this photo for free. This is a nice perk to have as the cost of a photo onboard is about €20.

We’ve now docked in Venice and we’re killing time before disembarking. We have one night here, staying at the Carlton on the Grand Canal hotel and fly home tomorrow.

The cruise has been really good in terms of the destinations and the onboard experience. I’ll write an overall review and share pictures in the next week or so. Thanks for joining us!

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