Day 5 – at sea and cabin change

Our second sea day began with a lay in. Officially this was the last night of the cruise as the Grand Voyage back from the Caribbean has come to an end.

The weather was a bit miserable and we had everything from snow, fog, rain and sun. It was like summer in Cleethorpes.

Our barman friend Rupesh who we’ve met on several cruises assisted us in a journey through the cocktail list!

I had another flutter in the casino and won a decent amount!

Before dinner we attended the MSC Voyagers Club Black Card party and were treated to an excellent performance from the Dance Captain. We also met with the cruise director Darren.

Our dinner with Sue and Bill was enjoyable and we were amongst the last to leave the restaurant. It was our last dinner with them as they have disembarked in Hamburg today.

Dinner was excellent with a Thai themed menu. We eat a lot of Oriental food at home and this was extremely tasty.

The rest of the evening was spent in the various bars, particularly the La Locanda wine bar and the El Dorado cocktail bar. As always the crew are friendly, efficient and provide a great service.

Our evening ended in the casino at about 2am. We had packed earlier in the day ready to change cabin.

As I wrote this we’re now in our new cabin, 9197 which again is a Bella balcony. Changing cabin was easy and our steward took all of our luggage for us. We had to go to reception to sort the bill for the first section and show our passports again in order to get our new cruise cards.

Remember how we upgraded our drinks package? Unfortunately the bill for this was incorrect – we were charged the wrong amount and also charged twice. This was corrected by guest relations without too much trouble, but it was a little shock that our bill was over ā‚¬100 more.

Our new cabin:

It will be fine for 3 days but could be a bit small for a long cruise.

We’ve decided not to go in to Hamburg today and instead will enjoy the facilities of this beautiful floating resort.

5 thoughts on “Day 5 – at sea and cabin change

  1. Think our dinner companions had a similar cabin on deck 9. They did say there was no sofa. Did not realise just how much more spacious our Wellness cabin on deck 13 was. Suppose it equates to a superior balcony on other lines. As you say your second cabin is okay for a few days but would not like to do 14 days in it. Glad you showed this aspect as we could well have booked a Bella balcony on a lower deck in future

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