Your guide to MSC ‘Experiences’

All major cruise lines offer different packages based on what cabin grade you book. This can sometimes be an overwhelming amount of information to take in, especially if you’re not familiar with the wording a line uses or if you’re new to cruising.

Generally speaking you’ll find that you get more included with higher priced cabins. From Royal Suites with butler service to a comfortable inside cabin or single person studio, there is so much choice out there!

MSC offer a full range of cabins e.g. inside, ocean view, balcony and suite. On top of that, you have the option of picking your experience from Bella, Fantastica, Aurea and Yacht Club. But what do all these mean?

Bella – the entry point cabin, with insides, ocean view and balconies available. Bella offers a ‘no frills’ experience – you’ll need to pay extra for room service and access to the spa. The cabins might not be in the best locations around the ship so study the deck plan when booking if you have the option to choose your cabin.

A typical Bella balcony on MSC Preziosa

Fantastica – The Fantastica experience is the next level up from Bella, and offers a few extra perks such as your priority of choice over dining time, a free photograph taken on Mediterranean night in the restaurant, free continental room service breakfast and free delivery of room service (room service items other than breakfast will be at a cost, unless you have the premium plus drinks package). The cabins tend to be in better locations and there is some flexibility with your booking in terms of changing passenger names and dates (refer to the MSC website or your agent for further details of the costs associated).

A Fantastica balcony on MSC Bellissima

Aurea – Aurea is the spa experience with MSC. On top of the Fantastica experience benefits, this experience offers the Easy drinks package, MyChoice (anytime) dining, access to the spa, a complimentary massage, access to the exclusive sun deck (pictured), a complimentary MED by MSC reed diffuser and a dressing gown and slippers in your cabin.

The exclusive Aurea sundeck on MSC Preziosa

MSC Yacht Club  – where to start here? The MSC Yacht Club is a ship within a ship concept, with an enclave of luxury cabins at the front of the ship. The Yacht Club has the advantage of it’s own private lounge, sun deck and restaurant with access to the spa area. The Premium all inclusive drinks package is included, together with complimentary room service and mini bar, which is not included elsewhere on the ship unless you have the premium plus drinks package.

The Yacht Club offers butler service, which whilst extremely attentive is also discrete. You’ll be escorted on and off the ship by a butler who, together with the Yacht Club concierge will be your ‘go to’ for any queries or provide any assistance you may need, such as booking speciality restaurants, arranging excursions and even unpacking your suitcase.

The menu for the Yacht Club restaurant is different to the main dining room, and whilst the main dining room is, in my opinion, excellent, the Yacht Club goes one step further with wines paired to the menu and flexible dining offering you the table size you would like at a time you’d like.

Yacht Club suite, MSC Bellissima

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