What a week!

Thought we’d write a short blog post as what we have to say is too long for a Facebook status update!

This week has been so busy it’s been incredible. Monday was an ordinary day taken up by our day jobs (hey, it pays us to go cruising so we can’t knock it!).

Tuesday we travelled down to MSC’s offices in Uxbridge for the big announcement about MSC Magnifica being renovated and coming back to the UK for her 2021 summer season with some exciting itineraries to the Meditteranean, Norwegian Fjords and the Canaries. This kept our Facebook group really busy and we’ve started another one for MSC Magnifica.

You can read more about our night out here:

MSC Magnifica news

Prior to the announcement we had a tour of the MSC Cruises Cruise Management Centre from where the company look after the whole of their cruise fleet, world-wide with cutting edge technology. We were really wowed by this.

Our main Facebook group https://m.facebook.com/groups/MSCUKForum/?ref=group_header&view=group reached a new high of membership numbers with over 4,800 people belonging to our group.

We also have a group specific for travel agent deals and one of our travel agent friends has booked 100 passengers on MSC this week, many of whom made contact through that group.

On Friday we then booked ourselves on a cruise. Magnifica was just too magnificent to resist the deal we got on a balcony on this cruise:

You cane read what we thought of our first trip on Magnifica in this post: https://timthorpetravel.com/2018/04/02/hannover-and-msc-magnifica/

Our weekend consisted of a visit to the fantastic Electric Cinema in Birmingham to watch Downton Abbey followed by some fantastic drinks in Birmingham. Then lots of shopping and gardening over the weekend as we try to get back to normal after building our extension earlier in the year.

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