Day 8 – Le Havre

We were planning to go to Honfleur from le Havre but unfortunately we didn’t make it. We’d had a lazy morning after a late night on our final sea day and therefore couldn’t get up early. The weather also didn’t look too kind and as such we decided to just have a walk around the city and were hoping to enjoy some mussels and wine, however it seemed as if the city was shut!

We visited the stunning Notre Dame Cathedral which was a first for us.

Once back onboard we met up with our friends Phil and Patrick and decided we would partake in a few ‘small’ (very large) glasses of wine. We were hoping to get to the main dining room for lunch but were unable to due to being otherwise engaged in liquid libations, as such, a few slices of MSC’s fantastic pizza from the buffet were in order.

For our evening meal we dined in the Galaxy speciality sushi restaurant which is actually part of the disco on deck 16. The restaurant offers stunning views due to its position  on the ship.

We’re not normally big fans of sushi but found the variety included in the complimentary black card meal to be fantastic with a selection of both sushi and sashimi presented in a variety of ways. We also added some extra tempura rolls, although we really didn’t need these!

The service in the restaurant was excellent and we’d highly recommend it. As you’ll see from the menu the prices aren’t bad either, so all in all it was a much better meal than we’ve had when visiting places like Yo! Sushi.

Following dinner we had a get together with some more of the chaps from our group and may have ‘slightly’ over done the booze!

We also needed to pack our cases, which is the saddest part of any cruise, however as we had only half unpacked after changing cabin this wasn’t too bad. We did however have a panic this morning when there were three odd shoes in the cabin and thought that Andy might not have had any to wear for disembarkation. Luckily there was another pair under the bed!

Another bottle of prosecco and plate of strawberries (Black Card benefit) had also been delivered however we certainly didn’t need any more!



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