MSC Seaview Day 4: Sea Day

Yesterday was our sea day. After our late night we had hoped for a bit of a lie in but we still awoke at our usual time. I wasn’t feeling particularly hungry so breakfast was a bowl of cereal and some fruit on deck, and Andy had a made to order omelette.

The day was full of various different parties, we went to the Black Card party in the Haven Lounge at 11:30 however there was also a ‘Welcome Back’ party in the atrium at 10:30 we were also invited to, but we gave that one a miss.

Our friend Mary was able to join us in the Yacht Club area for lunch and afternoon tea – we’d asked Tomasso the Yacht Club Director if she could come for afternoon tea, he was very obliging and accommodating; nothing was too much trouble.

As a solo cruiser the cost of Yacht Club would be prohibitive for Mary, but she was blown away by the service and attention to detail shown by the crew. We love the whole experience but we are also very happy with the ‘standard’ product offered by MSC… In the words of the great Jane McDonald… “Small ships, large ships, friendships, relationships – I love all ships!”

The weather was a little bit ‘iffy’ and we seemed to skirt the edge of a storm and cruised quite slowly towards Barcelona. All in all a lovely day.

That evening was the second elegant night, which also gave occasion to the Captain’s cocktail party in the Top Sail Lounge. We were a few minutes late getting there from our cabin and the Captain and senior officers including Simon who we had met the day before were lined up – Andy and I both joked afterwards we felt like The Queen and Prince Philip walking along the line-up shaking hands with them all. Moments like these make incredible memories.

Following an excellent dinner in the Yacht Club with a menu curated by Italian Michelin-starred chef Carlo Cracco we enjoyed drinks around the ship, especially a couple of cheeky glasses of Laurent-Perrier at the Champagne Bar – this is included for Yacht Club guests, and when the drinks packages change all Champagnes by the glass will be available to guests with the Premium Plus package.

The casino then beckoned us, and we increased our ‘casino fund’ by 50% before losing the winnings and ending up back where we started!

A night-cap in the Top Sail ensued before another fantastic night’s sleep.

We’re docked in Barcelona today, and won’t be getting off the ship since we have a 2 night stay here prior to our Christmas cruise.

As mentioned previously, I’ll be posting pictures etc when we get home, however you can follow our Facebook group MSC Cruises UK Passenger Forum to keep up to date with us!

Bye for now!

Tim & Andy

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