Who loves a Christening?

The star studded ceremony for MSC Bellissima is now just days away, and we’re super excited to be attending as guests of MSC Cruises. It’s sure to be the world’s most beautiful event!

We’ve just heard hot off the press that in addition to the iconic Sophia Loren and TV favourite Holly Willoughby, Andrea and Matteo Boccelli will be performing during the evening.

Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 17.32.53.png
Andrea and Matteo Boccelli (taken from Daily Express)

They’ll sing a duet of their song ‘Fall on Me’ from Andrea’s new album Si. Andrea will then also perform during the traditional officer’s parade – an emotional and traditional moment that recognises the hard work and dedication of the ship’s crew.

MSC Cruises supports the Andrea Bocelli Foundation through guest donations on board MSC Seaside. The funds raised support ABF’s valuable work in Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world currently facing exceptional challenges.

Every dollar donated on board by a guest will go directly to the Foundation to make a real difference, in particular MSC Cruises is likewise supporting the crucial work of ABF’s Mobile Clinic project, which delivers a free health care assistance and prevention programme that benefits 8,000 people per year in the 5 poorest and most remote areas of the country. The medical staff provide comprehensive support, ranging from medical care, immunization for children, monitoring for malnutrition and screening for the most common systemic diseases, to health education and family consultations.

We look forward to M S C you soon Bellissima

2 thoughts on “Who loves a Christening?

  1. Hi, we are hoping to see the ship leave Southampton on Sunday afternoon and just wondering where would be the best place to see it. We are thinking maybe Mayflower Park. Hope there will be fireworks. Have a fabulous Christening and enjoy your weekend Kate


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